Monday, November 30, 2009

Leech Doctor

Man, I sure have been fond of drawing this guy lately. He belongs to the lovely Loppi over at deviantart.

Volewagen and Slothsquito

These are the character designs for the illustration of the shrew cars in the previous post. Also a slothsquito who I actually am quite proud of but he's far to floppy and lazy to have made a good action filled picture. I suppose I could have drawn him in the middle of the road, sprawled out, about to be run over by a shrew car.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vulture Face

Vulture wizard thing. Actually he's a character I'm planning to play in a D&D game sometime, the character himself is not going to be a bearded vulture but he might have one as a familiar. I have a bunch of sketches of him as a human, he still has the crazy eyebrows and goatee though. This was mostly done to practice drawing anthropomorphic things as it is one of the things you will get commissions for on the internet and there are a fair number of animal-people in any fantasy setting, and I hope to do illustrations for RPG books.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Some Kobolds for the New World campaign primer written by Ross Payton over at RPPR.

Common North American Bogeyman

Just a little thing I made for my business card.

Shaggothic Garden

An image done for a pdf released by Ross Payton at RPPR.

Sovy Commission

This particular image was a commission I took from Sovykurosi on deviantart. I think it came out okay considering I don't draw anthropomorphic things that often.